We are here to Grow and Evolve as Spiritual beings!


Sprouting Love’s vision is to literally to ‘Sprout’ love within humanity!
As a species we have lost our way, our ability to truly care for one and other.
We must reattain the notion we are all spiritual beings living in a physical body (not the other way round).
Rather then focusing on individualism, we need to reconnect to the growing collective consciousness, so we are able to evolve as ‘ONE’.
By living with a strong sense of Unity, Love, and Compassion towards all beings around you, and of course our Mother Earth, we can drastically change our destiny.
The best way for us all to ‘Sprout’ Love is to ‘Meditate’!
A HUGE goal of ours is to have 40% of the population meditating and doing yoga on a daily basis.
Through these practices, you are pulled to look inward, to be present with yourself, to heal from the inside out.
Lets join together, Evolve, Live in our Joy and on Purpose!





Our Cherished Charity Selection

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