Gardening is the Future of our Planet and Youth [VIDEO]

Ron Finley               Renegade gardener Ron Finley


I am an artist. Gardening is my graffiti. A graffiti artist beautifies walls; I beautify parkways and yards. I treat the garden as a piece of cloth and the plants and the trees are the embellishment of that cloth. You’d be surprised what soil can do if you let it be your canvas.
– Ron Finley


Ron Finely is one of the most well-known advocates of turning ghettos into gardens while empowering local youth and creating healthy food.

He started out by planting gardens in the thin strip of grass between the street-curb and the sidewalk.

Low income neighborhoods rarely have access to organic and healthy food, and Finley changed this by planting seeds.

If this can be done in South Central Los Angeles, it can be done anywhere!


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