Call to the Goddess: The Return of the Sacred Feminine

Healing Duality

In the history of humankind we have arrived at the juncture where the disharmony and violence within the collective of humanity and destruction against Gaia Sophia – the spirit name of our Mother, Earth – poses an alarming threat to continued Life on this planet. The wounds of this conflict are indeed a reflection of our individual and collective disconnection from the very source of all Life – Divinity – and pro tanto the natural world of Gaia Sophia. moon goddess

Contemporaneously to the never-ending moment of destruction, we are being called into the era of Conscious Evolution: to consciously and collectively evolve beyond the endless moments of disconnection, discord and disharmony that presently exist on Earth; to actively participate in creating a New Earth, grounded and centred in our awareness of our inherent Divinity and Oneness; the Oneness that we find in Unity or Fifth dimensional consciousness, as creations of the superior force of Life – the Creative Life Force of All That Is


Integral to our collective healing is our remembrance of the Sacred Feminine essence, energy and principle. The Feminine principle and energy is the source of our connection to Love, to Creation, and is the embodiment of a deeply held connection to Nature, “Mother Earth”. She is the very fabric of our life. She is the force of love and unity that flows within our collective and individual psyche, regardless of our gender. She is the destroyer of illusion and the healer of wounds. She is the ‘Goddess’ and the Spirit of Life. She is the Seer and her voice is one of immense insight, embodying the qualities of wisdom, love, intuition, understanding and compassion. She is our connection with Nature and our natural world. She is the means by which we are connected to Earth and all realms. She is grounded in Nature, deeply connected to the source of Life, and the speaker of the language of wisdom, balance and Love.

Yet the light and force of the feminine has been, by current and historical systems and practices, suppressed into silence, pain and darkness, resulting in a profound disconnection from Creation and cataclysmic harm to all of Life. And so it is now that we are called to consciously remember, re-join, celebrate and rebirth into the present realm of the third dimension, the awareness of our inherent Divinity and reunite with the love of Sophia: the Sacred Feminine essence and energy that is the conduit to the Source of Life.

And it is a real need, as humanity’s future depends on our ability to evolve into awareness of our Oneness and the vibration of the Fifth dimensional consciousness of Unity, Divinity and Love. So, in the path of our Conscious Evolution into a New Earth, any story that does not carry within it the voice, vision and wisdom of the feminine – the Sacred Feminine – is an incomplete story and journey of humankind from this moment forward.

goddess of the moon

The Philosophy of Conscious Evolution

Humanity will consciously evolve by the dual process of unbundling and untangling ancient man made beliefs and practices, and contemporaneously, re-birthing into the present realm the wisdom and knowledge of our Sacred lineage. In so doing, we remember that we – humanity – are the products and constituents of the source of Life and as such, we are but mere players on Life’s stage, creating our reality daily.

The path of our conscious evolution is found in individual healing and transformation into self-love and re-connection with the source of all Love – our Divinity. And our collective transformation is borne of the remembrance of the inalienable truth that We Are All One; that each of us is an intrinsically unique expression of the One Creative Life Force; that we are all sourced from Source, and that Source — the Creative Force of Life, the Great Spirit — is a force of Love.


And so, to heal and evolve, we must remember, reunite with and embrace all the parts of self and heal the inner child within: for the path to healing is a path to wholeness. In the words of Marianne Williamson, “you must learn a new way to think, before you can learn a new way to be”. But more than ever before, our challenge is to move beyond thinking and into the felt sense of our hearts as we chart the path to healing and wholeness.

By this process of consciously evolving — through remembering, reintegrating, craving wholeness, healing and loving — we become seekers, attuning our vibration to that of Love Consciousness. At the same time, by the process of deconstruction, we fracture the collective psyche of the stories of old, creating space for the conscious mind and heart to open and expand, within which the voice of Love Consciousness – of Life – can start to be heard. And, by both processes, the amnesia experienced at the time of birthing into this realm and which we have experienced for millennia – the loss of memory as to Source and the wisdom and principles of Life – may finally be recovered and restored.

The Dance of Life

All of Life is created by Life: the universe, the planets, the earth, the stars, humanity, the races, all species, all of nature. It is the Superior Force of Creation. And within the matrix of the energy of Life (not the matrix of man) all of Life’s creations were created as unique and equal expressions of Life. As a statement of our inherent potential, we must learn to exist in the energy of Life attuned to Life and each other as unique and inalienably equal expressions of Life, with the consciousness and awareness of our Oneness. In addition to our Oneness, within the system of energy that is Life are embodied (amongst many) the principles of spiritual lore, equality, comity, harmony and balance, or simply, the laws of Nature. These principles bring to us the awareness that we must all co-create with each other, Nature and with all of Life to create the world that we live in. It is a co-creative dance, and we call this the Dance of Life. Goddess of Kindness

Within the energy field that is Life exists the principle of harmony and balance, commonly expressed as the Yin and Yang of Life: the balance of the masculine and the feminine is the epitome of this balance. To achieve balance, the interplay between the masculine and feminine, needs to be in concert with each other, with all Life and Gaia Sophia our Mother Earth. Within the system that is Life, such a dance cannot be danced alone or in isolation to Life; and as we will see, the failure to balance opposing forces results in the descent into the primal. Further, because we know that the Yin and Yang is the dance of opposites, we know that it is our differences, and the celebration of those differences, in which the beauty and majesty of Life and creation lies. The masculine is not the feminine. The feminine is not the masculine. But within each we carry a thread of the other. The feminine and the masculine represent and exemplify the symbiotic dance of equal, complementary, interconnected and interdependent forces in the Dance of Life.

When we speak of the Divine Masculine and Sacred Feminine we speak of an archetype, being the archetypal qualities that each embody as an expression of Love and Spirit. Understanding of course that the expression of each comes through each imperfect human being, we do not seek perfection or polarity but rather, the understanding of the inherent value and need for the true, balanced and symbiotic expression of the qualities, principles and values of each.

In the process of our Conscious Evolution, we are called to review and adjust the beliefs and systems of this world that are out of alignment with Life…….



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